From this:

Unfinished carpet remnant

to this!

Fully edged carpet mat

Let us turn your new carpet offcuts into something useful

After retiring from 25 years as a carpet layer in the Canberra region Chris now provides a quick and professional on request new carpet overlocking/edging service.

Chris Nicholson Carpet Overlocking Services offers:

  • Overlocking/edging of new carpet pieces - just drop your pieces of carpet off, choose the overlocking yarn to be used (if you wish) and pick up your new mats when they're done.
  • A variety of yarn colours are available - see the gallery.
  • Joining of new carpet pieces to suit unusual shapes - where pieces are suitable and shape is achievable.
  • Sale of overlocked/edged carpet mats in various sizes, including pot plant mats and dog bone mats - see examples in our gallery.
  • Anti slip solutions are also available.